Health Aid Livercare – 60 Tablets

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Cleanses the system through a healthy liver detox. Maintains cholesterol levels, reduces fat and aids weight loss.

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Liver is the metabolic centre of the body, responsible for the processing of its metabolic waste. The liver processes this through two main mechanisms, known as phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. Modern lifestyle choices can force the liver to work hard; and nutritional support may be beneficial for it to function optimally.

Why HealthAid Livercare Tablets?

  • It promotes normal production of bile that is a pathway for detoxification and normal intestinal function 
  • It goes beyond detoxification by supporting the liver’s nearly 500 vital functions
  • Milk thistle is used as a natural treatment for liver problems
  • Silymarin is the main ingredient in milk thistle, it is both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Barberry is regarded as a “blood purifier” and aids narcotic withdrawal
  • Curcumin slows the spread of cancer and makes chemotherapy more effective and protects healthy cells from damage by radiation therapy
  • Flavonoids are found in artichokes; they are aggressive cancer-killing agents that lead to rapid cancer-cell deaths
  • Choline is used for liver disease, including chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis
  • Studies show that taurine defends liver cells against free radicals and toxins

HealthAid Livercare Tablets may benefit:

  • People who consume alcohol on regular basis
  • People with fatty liver or liver disorders
  • People who would wish to do a liver detox and a system cleanse
  • Facilitate the removal of fats in the body for efficient weight loss
  • People who want to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and heart health

Recommended Daily Intake

1 Serving (1 Tablet) daily or as suggested by healthcare professional

Free From: Gluten, Yeast, Wheat, Dairy Products, Soya, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Colours & Flavourings

Net quantity: 60 Tablets

Suitable for: Vegetarian

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